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Do companies need to dehumanize the employees to make a profit?

Imagine a workplace where human needs are at the forefront.

Digital Belonging brings the human element to workplaces, focusing on the well-being and aspirations of the employees. With an extensive background in artificial intelligence technology, Yogesh K. Soni carefully balances technology and real-life workplace stories to propose inherently human solutions. 

He invites you to:

  • Rediscover your own fundamental needs and the needs of those around you.
  • Take a closer look at the reasons employees are hurting at most workplaces.
  • Believe you can do better.
  • Systematically eliminate practices that hurt employees and replace them with life-fulfilling ones. 
  • Grow and win together with your coworkers. Never win alone.

Yogesh K. Soni's Digital Belonging is a tool to help you and your colleagues thrive in your workplaces, ensuring people feel included, seen, and heard. You’ll learn about the human need to belong and how today's organizations ignore this fundamental need, wreaking havoc with our mental and emotional well-being. Here you'll find practical strategies to build organizations with happier, more fulfilled employees.

Review from the early readers

Darren Murph

Head of Remote, GitLab

“Digital Belonging will make you want to run through a brick wall. If you've waited for an atmosphere accepting of change for your entire career, this book will empower you to make the most of a historic season.”

Zach Mercurio

Author, The Invisible Leader

“We're in the midst of a collective reexamination of why we work, how we work, and where we work. People are no longer willing to give up their dignity for a paycheck. Yogesh K. Soni's timely and practical Digital Belonging shows leaders how to forge dignifying, human-centered cultures that foster belonging wherever employees work.”

Myeongjin Lee

AI/ML Product Manger, eBay

“Digital Belonging challenges corporate cultures and biases that haven’t been appropriately addressed and suggests ways to solve them. Yogesh tells powerful and captivating stories from his diverse background. I highly recommend reading this book.”

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About me.

Please reach out to learn more about me and services I offer.

I am a techie, a book author, and an entrepreneur.

I have built technology products used by millions and have worked globally in the world’s top tech companies for two decades, imbibing culture from Asia, Europe, and America.

I am a lifelong learner with engineering degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, ETH Zurich, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Despite my love for working and building tech products, I felt unfulfilled. Worse, I didn’t know the characteristics of my ideal organization or how to find one. I realized I was not alone. Most people go through the motions through the week and live for the weekends. 

I decided to embark on a mission to change the status quo. In my debut book, Digital Belonging, I dream about a world where every person feels invigorated by their jobs.

When not working or writing, I like to goof around with my son.


We are on a mission to help leaders in technology companies foster a culture of belonging in their organizations

1:1 coaching (virtual)

The sessions will be customized to your challenges, timelines, and desired outcomes. Struggling to build a winning culture, retain employees or drive innovation? I will work with you to diagnose the problems and find solutions.

Speaking engagements (virtual or in person)

One-hour presentation at Company events, conferences, and team-building retreats followed by Q&A. Ideal for lunch-and-learn sessions. I will talk about the human needs to belong and how can companies reinforce values and behaviors catering to those needs.

Team workshops

Dedicated session with a small team of 10 members or less. The session can be packed in 2-days or spread around multiple weeks. If you are in Silicon Valley, I can deliver the session in person. For all other locations the sessions will be virtual. We will deep dive into the factors leading to un-fulfilling workplaces and how can we make them 10x better so all employees feel invigorated. You will walk away with practical strategies and membership to community of leaders in tech companies tackling similar challenges.

Story Digital Belonging

I ran an Indiegogo campaign to garner support for the book. I got 105 backers who bought 150 copies before the book was written!


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